6 Fundraiser Planning Tips to Make Your Next Event a Hit


Planning a fundraising or nonprofit charity event?

A fundraising event can be an essential tool for getting funds for a charity or for a nonprofit organization. However, not all of these events end up being a success. It takes proper planning and a lot of know-how to create a successful fundraising event that brings in the funds your organization needs.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Below we’ll give you our top fundraiser planning tips that can help make your next event a hit.

Create a Budget First

The first thing you need to do when getting ready to plan a successful fundraising event is to create a budget that is both accurate and detailed. It’s important to know exactly what kind of money you’ll have for paying for event necessities.

While you may be able to have some important things donated, you need to make sure you have enough to pay for anything that’s necessary. This may include the event space, food, drinks, entertainment, among other things.

Give Yourself Time to Plan

When planning an event, you also need to give yourself plenty of planning time. For a large fundraising event, you’ll ideally have at least six months of planning time. This extended time will allow you to seek sponsorships, book vendors, or sell tickets. It will also give you time to pick the perfect venue.

While success is possible on a more rushed schedule, it’s important to give yourself as much time as possible so you can carefully consider your event from every angle.


Know How You’ll Get Your Attendees

Keep in mind that getting the right attendees for your event is usually not a one-person job. It’s usually a good idea to form a group of advocates who are willing to seek donors for your event by tapping into their personal networks.

You should also work on other plans for marketing your event as well to get people to your event and seek sponsorships that can help boost your event. Using social media, email marketing, and traditional advertising may all play a part during your fundraiser event planning process.

Don’t Be Afraid to Create Options

When planning your event it’s important that you create plenty of opportunities for donors to give. While they should expect to pay for the ticket itself when attending your event, there are more ways than one to collect donations.

Don’t think that tickets are the only opportunity you have for getting donations. Also consider holding raffles, silent auctions, and other activities that allow attendees to donate more money. Get creative and think outside the box for how you can get attendees involved and excited about giving back!

Give Your Guests a Full Experience

Remember that when planning your event you should be looking to craft an entire experience for your attendees. In exchange for their donations, you are offering your event attendees an unforgettable night that makes them feel great.

Thankfully, there are many ways to do this. You may choose to offer guests an exquisite dinner or allow them to partake in some unique activities during the event. You may also want to have some speakers that relate to your goals and organization, or live music to keep the energy up throughout the entire event.


Master the Follow-Up

Remember that once your event ends you shouldn’t forget about your donors and attendees. It’s important that you follow up with them and thank them for their attendance.

Follow up with your donors personally over phone and email if possible. Also, update your social media accounts and your website to thank everyone for making your event a success.

If you follow up right, your guests may become more than a one time donor and end up helping your organization in the future as well.

Making the Most of These Fundraiser Planning Tips

While the basics of fundraiser planning are easy enough, it takes a lot of effort and some great planning to make a perfect event. By following the tips above you’ll have the best chance of allowing your fundraiser to succeed and be as effective as possible.

By now, you’re probably pretty excited to put the “fun” in “fundraiser” and get to work planning your upcoming charity event. If you’re looking for a venue to host your next event, contact us! We have numerous, premium spaces, perfect for any fundraiser you’re hosting.

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