5 Swag Items To Hand Out At Your Next Conference

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conference at the centre in escondido

You want your conference to be exciting, valuable, and memorable – something that will inspire positive change today while making participants look forward to next year. What’s the best way to do it? A good gift! Something unique, interesting, and personalized for each attendee.

Let’s look at conference “swag” that will inspire fond thoughts of your event all year long:

1) Mini Bottle of Wine

To some, traveling for business can cause a bit of stress. Help relieve that stress by providing event guests with a mini bottle of wine. It’s the ideal post-conference hotel treat. No matter your guests’ preferred tastes, you’re sure to find a bottle that will carry the unique flavor of your event.

2) Unique and Fun Food Items

The last thing you want is to let your conference attendees go hungry — which happens if they’re busy and involved with activities. Keep them happy and give away a snack or two. Get creative with the packaging or include a fun message that gets people talking and lightens up the mood.

3) Portable Charger

Sure, everyone has gone through more than one portable charger. What’s the secret to making sure yours will remain a cherished travel accessory for a long time to come? The answer is twofold: versatility and customization. The more devices you can service, the better – and a unique message or the recipient’s name will show you value their contribution.

4) Reusable Water Bottle

These days, everyone is more concerned about protecting the environment. At the same time, the health benefits of drinking plenty of water have never been more obvious. Though it’s something they’ve seen before, your attendees will love a reusable water bottle with the right personal flair. For a nice touch, find some way to connect your message with the idea of fresh, clean water.

5) The Centre Gift Cards

The Centre of Escondido offers fine dining and unforgettable retail experiences. Bask in the artistic vision of the Stephen Fishwick Art Gallery or experience the elegance of Lux Ave. Look your best with JMD Le Salon or simply enjoy a warm cup of coffee at Culture Cafe. Time at The Centre is time well spent … and in the end, a gift card means attendees get to pick out something they’ll love.

If you are looking for a place to host your conference or business event in North County San Diego, The Centre has great spaces available! Contact us today to inquire about our high-quality venue and meeting spaces.

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