5 Tips for Throwing a Great Corporate Party


Looking for a fun way to bring all your employees together? Try throwing a corporate party!

Research shows that employees appreciate get-togethers, including corporate parties. They not only increase morale but improve employee retention and employee-boss relationships.

To make sure your employees feel appreciated, try making the event fun, memorable, and out of the ordinary. Discover how you can throw a successful corporate party, below!

Choose a Location That Wows

Think luxury! Your employees will enjoy taking a break from their normal environments. Host your event in a place they can feel elevated and awed.

Some event centers offer amenities that cater to an extraordinary experience. Look for a venue that offers valet services, beautiful views, and high-end shopping and dining opportunities.

If you’re not sure where to host your event, you can use the reviews and testimonials sections of venues’ websites to determine if other companies have had a successful corporate party there before.

Pick a Fun Theme

The options are endless, but here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Have a Casino night! Hire a company to bring in poker tables and other casino games. Serve cocktails, have a dress code and hire a DJ or a jazz band.
  • Pick a decade! Thinking 70s? Decorate in disco, have a costume contest, play the top hits, and pick food that caters to the decade.
  • Do good, and feel good! Host an office-wide charity event or bring in the things that make people feel good. Throw an event with a puppy playpen where employees can relax and play with puppies. Or serve comfort foods and have your DJ play happy songs!


Bring in a Celebrity

We’re not talking movie stars (unless you can and want to). Think more along the lines of a new band that has popular songs but hasn’t toured, a local celebrity, or a comedian.

The offer of a celebrity encounter could highly increase the attendance at your next corporate party. Adding “buzz” around the event can create excitement among employees and make it a memorable event for all those who attend.

Cater the Event with Great Food

Your chosen venue might offer catering as a part of your booking package. You can take advantage of that service or ask to have your food brought in.

If you have food brought in, think about current popular food trends! Are food trucks really popular in your city? What about waffles, crepes, or doughnuts?

Whatever you decide to do, keep it simple. Research shows that people are happier when they have a small menu with simple choices.

Hire Entertainment

Nothing is worse than showing up at a corporate event and seeing a whole lot of nothing going on!

Hiring a musician, performing group, or local artists is a great way to avoid any awkward gaps in conversations or lulls at the party. The point is to give your guests a focal point for their attention so they don’t have to work hard to have a good time.

It doesn’t really matter what you decide to do as long as it makes your employees feel valued and treated. When looking for entertainment, remember: the best corporate parties involve experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have.

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