4 Ways to Improve Employee Performance


As a leader, you want your team to feel engaged and satisfied with their job, to put out their best work. But, if you find an employee is falling behind, there is plenty you can do to take action and inspire an underperformer. Consider these 4 tips to improve employee performance and inspire your team to be the best they can be:

Inspire Friendly Competition

While your employees are fundamentally working for the betterment of the business, there’s no reason to shy away from a little friendly competition. People who are usually disengaged may end up pushing harder than anyone else if you can touch on their inner competitor. Consider an employee of the month, floating prizes, fantasy sales teams or team-wide goals.

Set Expectations

Inspiration isn’t always about direct guidance. It can just as easily involve telling your employees about your expectations of their performance. Telling them that you believe in them can spark something inside them that will make them better employees.

If your employees don’t know what’s expected of them, they’ll never have a clear path of action. That’s a formula for unengaged and unchallenged employees. Take the time to clearly define the expected output. Use specific and measurable terms.

Reward the Right Results

Everyone is motivated by something different – and no motivation is the right one. Give your team an incentive when it makes sense, whether it be a company trip, profit sharing pool or a quarterly bonus. Sometimes, just having a reward at the end puts a fire under people. Clarify an end goal, communicate the reward and you may see a trend towards positive change.

Have Frequent One-on-Ones

You don’t have to manage your employees from a strictly managerial standpoint. You can always sit down employees who are having trouble performing and simply have a conversation. Have the talk in private so they will be open to talk about what’s blocking them, whether it’s an overbearing team member or if something company specific that’s keeping their productivity down.

Don’t stop there. Ask them what they think could be done to fix the issue. Implementing those solutions might not only improve office performance, but it may also make everyone feel like they’re being heard.

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