2018 Wedding Trends to Look For


You’ve dreamed about this day forever and you deserve for it to be unique. In modern times, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. Although it seems like everything has been done, there are a few trends for 2018 that should inspire you.

Textured and Moody

Color palates will take a turn for the darker shades in 2018. Hues of deep purple, blues, and reds will take center stage in bouquets—even on a bride’s lips. The same goes for the settings and silverware. Brides this year are seeking copper accents for their wedding décor, instead of the traditional gold or silver. Textured ballroom dance floors are being installed with marble. It’s all about the drama.

A Natural Touch

This means foliage. Green walls, bars made from ivy, even place cards are being replaced with more environmentally-friendly ideas. Your wedding can help the planet. Rather than a paper setting for family and friends, why not gift them a vase or a plant for their home? Not only is it a greener idea, your guests can remember your wedding for years to come when they see your “place card” in their yard.

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The After-After Party

Cocktail hour is no longer the focus in 2018 as more brides are putting their resources into late night fun. This means you must be prepared for people to want to party. This can range from including an extra outfit and comfy shoes or arranging for an amuse-bouche for after-hours. You may also want to move the venue to a more comfortable place. It’s up to you, but plan for the event to carry on late.

Exploring Culture

Destination weddings will always be a dream but what sets them apart this year is that couples are involving the local culture. Rather than taking the tourist route, locations off the grid are particularly popular for making this happen. The entire event doesn’t have to be changed, but swapping a clutch for flowers or a lei-style necklace is a good start to embracing the culture that is marrying you.

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 There are plenty of innovative ways to make your wedding unique and also success this year. Whether you choose to go a little moody, grow a jungle at your bar, party until dawn, or put on your destination pearls, you can rest assured your wedding will be on top of the trends.

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